2017 Classes

The 2017 classes are listed below.  

Classes meet Monday through Thursday for 75 minutes.


Basic Conducting:  Chuck Scott

The content of this class incorporates the development of basic conducting techniques. Posture of the conductor, the conducting planes, the ictus, the preparatory gestures, eye contact, meters, releases, fermatas, styles, dynamics, use of the left hand, cues, and irregular entrances will be explored.  We will also explore basic music score preparation.

Choir School Bell Ringing:  Tim Cunningham

This is a class for advanced ringers or strong music readers.  In upper bells, (Octave 6 and higher) you should be able to four-in-hand ring.  Prefer experienced ringers or some bell experience.  Class will need at least 12 ringers and we expect to perform sometime during the week.

Christmas in July!  The Redemption of Scrooge: Kim LaRue

Based on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, we'll travel with the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come and learn about living with and for others in a world blessed by Jesus.   Ultimately, our sacred work is letting in as much light as possible, and those things that keep the light out need to be rejected or transformed.  Bring your Bible to class and come with an open heart.

Contemporary Worship:  Aaron Childress 

Focusing mainly on providing the music leadership for the Thursday evening worship service, this class will include rehearsal, as well as discussion of some of the important elements in constructing a contemporary worship service for the audience of One.

Deep Water Fitness:  Barbara Hunt    

People who sign up for this class should feel comfortable in deep water and be fit enough to use the ladders to enter and exit the pool.  The advantage of working out in deep water is that it is a low impact exercise which can be modified to meet almost anyone's leve of fitness.  The goal of the class will be to stretch and strengthen our core muscles using basic movements like jumping jacks, cross country skiing, and jogging.  Class limit:  10 participants. 

Pop A Capella Class:  John McClain 

This class will learn pop music in the "A Capella" style-think the movie "Pitch Perfect"!  We will perform what we learn at Thursday Night Live.  If you have an interest in pop music and possibly forming your own A Capella group at home, this class is for you. 

 Holy Yoga:   Jamie Wilkerson

This class is designed to burn calories, tone muscles, build strength and vitality. It is a total mind-body-spirit workout which will combine strengthening and stretching postures, deep breathing techniques and scripture meditation.   Holy Yoga is the intentional practice of connecting our entire being: body, mind and spirit with God. The sole purpose of this class is to facilitate a Christ honoring experience that offers an opportunity to authentically connect to God through His Word, worship, and wellness.  If you have a yoga mat, strap or other props please bring them. 

There's little time for much else outside of singing, worship and fellowship. But one little space we carve out during the week are for classes lead by EFCS members. Classes are meant to be fun, engaging ways to connect with others and give your voice a much needed break.