An Experience Shared by Friends

Actually, there are no "friends" at Epworth Forest Choir School. That's just when you arrive the first day your first year. After that, you are part of the Choir School family. For many of us, we have yet to find an experience like Epworth Forest Choir School. Nowhere else can you sing, worship and feel so connected with people you may only see once a year.

For many in our family, Epworth Forest Choir School has been an annual event for decades. Week-long acquaintances become life-long friendships. People who came as youths still do as adults. People who attend just once often tell us they are hooked by the "Choir School Spirit" and, sure enough, they are back the next year.

What makes the Epworth Forest Choir School experience so different? It's an experience that has the power to touch you no matter the circumstances in your life. While our traditions may be the same from year to year, you'll experience something new and different every time you attend.