An Experience for the Spirit

At Epworth Forest Choir School, God's presence is with us every moment of every day. We acknowledge and celebrate Him not only through song, but also in morning vespers, evening worship. We find meaning in our song through our week-long spiritual journey. It's a journey we take as an individual, together with friends and family, and as a community of Christians.

Guiding us for the week is a church pastor supported by musicians, lay-leaders and liturgical artisans. Together they provide us with worship experiences that open our senses to the wonderment of God's goodness and provoke our thoughts about His meaning in our own lives.

Epworth Forest Choir School is an open community for Christians of all faiths. While our religious roots are in the United Methodist tradition, we welcome Protestants of all demoninations and Catholics. We believe love and faith connect us all to the One True God. Come join our celebration!

2017 Worship Theme: 

We have all experienced how music is able to communicate truth better than mere words.      At Choir School 2017, we will again look at "The Faith We Sing": the Gospel truth we communicate through our anthems of the week.

"Gracious God, source of  joy and righteousness, enable us as redeemed and forgiven children evermore to rejoice in singing your praises.  Grant that what we sign with our lips we may believe in our hearts, and what we believe in our hearts we may practice in our lives; so that being does of the Word and not hearers only, we may receive everlasting llife, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."